Arlene Goulart Inlay Artist & Woodcarver
Arlene Goulart is an imaginative inlay artist, engraver and wood sculptor, with a background in graphic arts, interior design and woodworking. Her love of woodworking led to a five year position at Deering Banjo where she was the assistant to Chuck Neitzel, the head of the custom department. Chuck Neitzel, a mainstay at Deering for over thirty years, is a gracious mentor and master craftsman. His work is featured in Larry Robinson's book Art of Inlay. While at Deering, Arlene was highlighted  on an episode of The Travel Channels Made in America Series, demonstrating the hand cutting of inlay and showing her first banjo heel carve, which landed her the job at Deering Banjo.
She says the highlight of her inlay career was the opportunity to attend an inlay class by Grit Laskin at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking. Grit Laskin and Larry Robinson are two of the best inlay artist in the guitar industry and in Arlene's opinion their work should be next to the Mona Lisa. She works out of her home where she has a small studio in San Diego CA.

Check out these YouTube videos featuring some of Arlene's custom work:

Mark Minarik and Arlene talk about one of the inlays at NAMM 2014

Heather Roberts of the Heather Roberts Band shows off her custom acoustic guitar

Claudio Sanchez and his custom inlay

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